No self respecting college student can resist ghosts, zombies, Sci-Fi adventure and history all at the same time.  The much anticipated release of the trailer is finally here.   Butt whoopin Abe, kicking some vampire booty. [Read the full article…]


Valentines Day Gift Ideas

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by collegelife on February 9, 2012

If you’re holding off on buying your special someone the perfect Valentines Present, wait no more.  Take some of the money you saved by using this semester,  go to your corner convenience store and buy some Powerball tickets.  On Feb. 11th the Powerball jackpot will be $310 million, the fifth largest in game history.  If you don’t live near a powerball outlet, drive, fly or take a train.

Even if the jackpot is not won on the the 11th, you have a chance to buy more tickets for the drawing on the 15th. [Read the full article…]


A “Super” Super Bowl

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by collegelife on February 6, 2012

The Super Bowl has come and gone, but what a great event this year.  The game was riveting, the commercials were funny and entertaining.  The Madonna half time show was one of the best ever.  Even though M.I.A. tried to degrade the professionalism, the other talent, Cee Lo and others made it sensational.

Former Ole Miss sensation, Eli Manning, received his second super bowl MVP.  Both for leading the Giants to victory over the very talented and highly touted Tom Brady and the  N.E. Patariots.  We think it was the first time in super bowl history that a the defense (N.E) “let” the offense (Giants) score from the 10 yard line in order to give N.E.  enough time to stage the “Hail Mary” play.  Rob Gronkowski almost caught it, what a finish.

Madonna proved why she makes the big bucks with a show that appealed to all age groups.  She was “grace under pressure” and nailed every move.

The best super bowl commercials of 2012 featured our canine friends.  Our favorite was the fat St. Bernard getting in shape to chase the VW down the street.   Clint Eastwood’s voice and the Chrysler super bowl commercial at halftime was uplifting and a great message for struggling Americans.  ”It’s time to start the second half America”.

We hope you had a great super bowl experience and got some new recipe’s.  We tasted “hanky panky”, sausage, ground beef and Velveta melted together in the pan, spooned on pumpernickel toast, broiled and served hot. YUM.  How about guacamole dip with fresh jalapenos….HOT.

We can’t wait until March Madness rolls around.



No need for college students on a tight budget to miss out on great dips, snacks and other fine delicacies for your Super Bowl party.  All you have to do is a little planning and  preparation and you will be the most popular friend to watch the biggest game of the year. [Read the full article…]

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Discussion items will include
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An Apple a Day

by collegelife on January 27, 2012

Changing textbooks was a dream of Steven Jobs as well as reinventing our TV remotes.  Apple announced this week their new iBooks 2software in their quest to “reinvent textbooks” and allow users to create their own books with iBooks Author.   It’s a little unusual for them to have such a major announcement without including new hardware.  Speaking of hardware, students and parents will still have to buy the iPad to use the iBooks.  iPads start at $499.

The new Apple books are priced at $14.99 and has a lot less effect on upper education, mostly on the primary and secondary levels.  In most cases it will be a luxury item if the physical textbooks are provided by the school system.  However, they are going to set the standard of what e-books are to evolve.  Plus, they are interactive and fun to use.

Also from Apple this week are their earnings estimates.  According to CNET “Obliterating its own earnings estimates, Apple reported quarterly revenue of $46.33 billion and profits of $13.06 billion.”  Not bad for a company that started in Job’s parents garage with money he got from selling a VW and his partner sold a calculator.

However, all that glitters is not gold.  CNET also highlighted “an in-depth New York Times report that profiled hazardous factory conditions linked to scores of injuries and a handful of deaths. The report recounted an explosion at a plant in Chengdu that killed four, focusing on the final months for Lai Xiaodong, a 22-year-old who had worked a few months at the Foxconn Technologies plant where the iPad is produced.”

More Apple news this week – 85 million people have signed up for an iCloud.  If you’ve ever lost your data, music or photos, you know the value of having a backup plan.  We like clouds.

Finally, app of the week – iNstein College – a new puzzle solving game.  ”Great for brain training and time kill”.  You might even learn some great useless trivia.

Now, go make some “A”s.

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We have a winner for the CBR Tution Sweepstakes.

We had a great event at Joe’s Brewery in Champaign – Urbana, Illinios and awarded the scholarship.  Below is the resulting press release and TV News coverage.

Juliana Knopp, a student at the University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign was awarded a $10 thousand tuition scholarship from a (CBR) sweepstakes. Knopp , a freshman, is studying to be a chemical engineer. “My hopes are to go into the petroleum industry in the future. When not attending UI, Knopp lives in Olathe, KS and graduated from Olathe North High School. [Read the full article…]


It’s a new year, a new spring term and and a new you.  You’ve got those new year’s resolutions about dieting, quitting smoking, making a 100 on every test, selling back the books your forgot about last semester and a few more.  We can’t help you with all those resolutions but we can help you with the books.

Do you have any “abandoned textbooks” lying around?  You’re going to love this video…

Or do you need some creative ideas about what to do with your old books, check this video out.  Either way, gather your textbooks and sell them online to CBR.   Then use  your big bucks to rent this semester’s books.  How cool would that be?

Good luck with all of those resolutions and start semester with some extra cash in your pocket.

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by collegelife on January 16, 2012

Martin Luther King, Jr. (January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968)

Today, Americans celebrate, honor and observe Martin Luther King Day for his leadership in civil rights.  He was a minister, father, husband and friend to many, especially those looking for civil equalities.

For a man that died a violent death, he was world renowned for being the youngest person to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for his work to end racial segregation, discrimination, poverty and stopping the Vietnam War. [Read the full article…]


Valentine’s day is just around the corner.  If you’re looking for a friend or companion it’s time to start now.

Today’s post is by guest post author Cindy McDonald,

If you are a young single searching for a date, in this day in age it’s likely that the thought of online dating has entered your mind at some point or another.  But because of the many myths floating around out there, you might be dissuaded from using this method of dating and decide to continue living a life with the mere hope of stumbling upon an interesting young single like yourself with whom you could share a romantic connection. [Read the full article…]