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Our goals with the College+Life Blog are to help make your college experience a little easier and a little more fun.  We will bring you money saving tips, scholarship and financial information, as well as info on technology, DIY projects and much more.  We want your opinion and feedback on our postings, the blog is a resource for you.  If you feel like letting off a little steam or you want to share some cool ideas, become a guest blogger for College+Life Blog.

College Book Renter (CBR) is a no-nonsense textbook rental company for students needing to save time and money.  You may be a part time or full time traditional student who has to live on a tight budget.   You may be a non-traditional student with  family obligations, a job or acting as a caretaker watching every dime in your budget and you certainly don’t have time to wait in line to get books. Whatever your story is, You are why  CBR is the fastest growing textbook company on the planet.  CBR is here for you with the best and most affordable choices to help you through your educational experience.  You don’t have to take the unwanted risks associated with traditional textbook purchases.


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