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Leadership team implements big changes, expands inventory five fold

NASHVILLE, TN December 23, 2013CollegeBookRenter, a leading textbook rental and buyback company, has announced that the company’s headquarters will be moved to Nashville, TN, at the end of this year. The decision to move to the vibrant, college-saturated area came from the company’s new management team, composed of seasoned executives with a wealth of experience in education, publishing and consumer goods industries.

“There have been a lot of exciting changes in this company during the last six months. We increased our inventory by nearly five times this fall semester’s offerings, making more titles available nationwide,” said John Wittman, CEO of CollegeBookRenter. “We’ve also streamlined company roles and implemented systemic, technology-driven solutions which have allowed us to increase our margins and pass those savings along to the students.”

Since June, CollegeBookRenter’s new leadership has reevaluated the company’s business plan and made sweeping changes. They increased the company’s capacity for margin creation, improved operation structures, reduced operating expenses, increased investment in revenue-baring assets, and built relationships with some of the biggest textbook distributors in the country.

“Our focus is on giving students, and their parents, the best experience and value possible,” said Wittman. “The company went through a period of serious mismanagement, but we now have the right people and procedures in place to fulfill our promise to consumers. Because of that, we consider ourselves to be a ‘re-startup’ company.

“Nashville is bursting with talent and a burgeoning technology scene. Moving the headquarters here was the next logical step in the company’s fresh start.”

To ensure success, CollegeBookRenter is developing long-term activities and operations plans. The company is also bringing previously outsourced responsibilities in-house, and investing in new associates with specific skill sets.

“We’re off to a good start, but this is just the beginning. We look forward to seeing these investments pay off,” said Wittman.


CollegeBookRenter is an online college textbook rental company that was acquired by Instructional Materials Management Solutions in June 2013. CollegeBookRenter has been helping students save money in the college marketplace since 2009. The company is dedicated to making college more affordable for students by saving them up to 85% off of their textbooks. It also offers highly competitive textbook buyback rates and even better CollegeBookRenter credit rates, which can be applied to future rentals. CollegeBookRenter aims to provide students with all of the materials that they need, without any hidden fees or monthly service charges.

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