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by collegelife on August 8, 2012

Getting out on your own and going to college is exciting. It is a time to take claim to your independence and be your own person, separate from your family, which means all your stuff is now your responsibility. More often than not college students are responsible for taking all of their furniture and belongings with them as they move out on their own. Simple economy of space.

When the big move to college also means moving into a tiny dorm room that is pre-furnished or a single room of a shared house or apartment, it can mean that you no longer have space for all your treasures, amassed throughout your childhood. Holding on to these items is important, they are mementos of your youth, heirloom furniture, reliable pieces of your existence that you hope to make space for in future homes. Some items are expensive or priceless and you simply don’t want to part with their value. You may want them for nostalgia or to pass on to your future generations, but you know you don’t want to see them in the bulk trash or sadly awaiting destruction at the goodwill.

There is an answer: long term storage! While you get through college in small, cramped spaces, your extra stuff can be stored in a long term storage unit for an affordable monthly rate. You can choose the size of your unit, temperature controlled or not, and you have access to your stuff whenever necessary.

College students move, on average, 3 times a year!  You can save money on moving costs by keeping unused, storage items in one place while you move between small, temporary homes.  If you decide to travel or study abroad, long term storage is the best way to keep all of your belongings safe in your absence.

Self storage units are also a great way to plan ahead! While living the poor student life you have to learn how to cut corners and save. Renting a small room or unit well under your housing budget can help you save extra money each month. By including the storage space rate into your housing budget and comparing prices, you can save big. What to do with the extra cash?

Save it!  Invest in your future. You can build a small portfolio of investments or simply save up for “after graduation” items that you anticipate wanting to own. Long term storage is a great place to put that amazing brand new piece of furniture you found on super deep discount that you’ve been daydreaming about for your future home. Rather than let sales pass you by on one-of-a-kind items because it won’t fit in your tiny room, or you don’t want to use the nice furniture while in the neglectful school-first mindset, put it in storage! You’ll be glad you did when you start your career and find a bigger home with actual furniture needs. It is always much harder to buy a bunch of furniture at once than to be selective and shopper savvy by buying pieces at a time when on sale.

While you plan out your semester budgets and figure out what classes you want to take, don’t forget to budget in self-storage and stop worrying about your “extra” stuff! Put it in long term storage and enjoy the peace of mind in knowing it will be there for you when you need it most.

Image by CollegeDegrees360 and licensed through Creative Commons.

Paul Benjamin is a District Manager at EZ Storage a self storage company providing clean, secure storage units available with flexible leasing options, visit our website at to find out more.

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