7 Free Mobile Apps for College Students

by collegelife on April 9, 2012

Are you a college student trying to balance so many things on your plate that some are about to fall off? If so, you probably wonder how you are supposed to stay on top of everything without going insane. Help is on the way. Check out these free iPhone apps. Their usefulness may surprise you.

Use these local guide apps to learn all there is to know about your college town:

1. Free Wi-Fi Finder

Since Internet access is a necessity for college students, it’s good be able to get online whenever you need to. Thanks to this Wi-Fi Finder app, you can find an Internet hotspot wherever you are.

2. FastFoodTop Restaurant finder app

Are you having problems deciding where to eat? With FastFood, in mere seconds you can find the best restaurants in your area. The app even includes restaurant reviews for when you can’t decide among all your newfound options.

3. Take Me Home, I’m Lost!

If you’re new in town, then this app is a must-have. Since it stores your home address, whenever you get lost while driving, simply select the app and it will guide you home. This app also allows you to listen to your own music while using it. You’ll be able to rock out to some good jams while you find your way.

4. RepairPal

The RepairPal app is a must-have. Should your car break down or suffer another type of roadside emergency, this app will prove to be a lifesaver. Using GPS, it will provide a list of nearby repair shops and towing services. No driver, including students who make frequent trips to and from home, should be without this app.

Stay in shape with these free health and fitness apps:

5. Restaurant Nutrition

Created by Foundation Healthcare Network, this app provides more than enough information to make healthier food choices, no matter where you eat. Restaurant Nutrition has far too many helpful features to list here, so please download it and check it out for yourself.

6. Cures A-Z

Developed by a doctor, this app provides an extensive list of health conditions and their corresponding treatments. While Cures A-Z is not meant to serve in place of a visit to the infirmary or your doctor, should a less-than-serious condition, such as a cold or flu, arise, it can help you figure out the best way to treat your symptoms until you can be seen. Think of this app as your “pocket doc.”

Use your mobile phone to search Internet job postings:

7. Job Search

Are you about to graduate and struggling to find a job? Maybe you need something part time to pay for pizza and beer. Try this app, known for its inclusion of Indeed.com, one of the most exhaustive job search engines available. Let’s say you are interested in jobs in criminal justice. Type your inquiry into the app’s search engine and let it go to work finding you work.

It will browse through thousands of company websites and job boards to produce an extensive list of criminal-justice-related postings that meet your search criteria. With Job Search, you can preview the postings on the spot or choose to email them to yourself to review later.

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