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by collegelife on March 5, 2012

Whose turn is it to buy paper towels? Who was the last one to mop the floors? Who ate my last two slices of bread?!?! Is it my turn to collect rent money from my roommates and write the rent check?

Nick: We have to get the rent check in by today or we’ll have a late fee.

Pete: I have mine, but I don’t know about John. I haven’t talked to him lately.

Nick: OK, well I’ll go ahead and write the check but you guys owe me. You still owe me that $20 you borrowed last week.

If you have roommates you know what we’re talking about. While researching college related topics we found a pretty cool way to help students coordinate paying their rent without having to chase down their roomies to collect a check.  It’s called

WilliamPaid offers online rent paying services so you don’t have to have those awkward conversations with your roomies about the rent anymore. Each person signs into their own account and pays their own way. WilliamPaid allows its users to pay with a debit card, credit card, bank account, or a combination of all three. The best part: It’s FREE*.

That extra $20 that Pete owes Nick? Well, Pete can pay an extra $20 in rent. WilliamPaid lets roommates check on if/when other roommates have paid and even offers customizable email alerts to remind them when the rent is due. Paying your rent has never been so easy.

How it works:

  • You sign up at
  • Enter your bank account/debit card/credit card account information.
  • Choose how you want to pay – manually every month or have it automatically taken out of your account during a desired time period.
  • WilliamPaid will then mail the check to your landlord, and BOOM! – no more late fees and you’ve still got a place to live.

Sound good? We thought so. Sign up today!

*Please note: When paying with a credit card or a combo a 2.95% fee will be incurred.

Now, if you think that simplifies life, how about earning cash back on your purchases or paying your rent?  Would you be interested on getting a cash rebate when you rent or buy your books from  Check out  Just open a debit card account with your student loan money and use the account just like you would from your local bank.  Then start earning cash rebates on stuff you have to buy or rent.

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