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by collegelife on March 19, 2012

Guest post from Vincent Vance.

Amassing a large music collection – or else simply adding a few fresh albums to it every so now and then – can get rather expensive, even if you do primarily use the often cheaper digital distribution platforms such as iTunes or Amazon Music. However, there are ways for you to nurture your music collection that don’t require you to break the bank. For instance:

Check band websites for freebies

Often certain bands or singers will give away free tracks – or even whole albums – on their websites either as general freebies or in order to promote their latest releases. As such, it pays to pop by them every so now and then in case you’re missing something, or at the very least sign up to their newsletter, Facebook page or Twitter account.

Listen online

This is cheating slightly but still legit. Some band websites, for example MySpace, and YouTube allow you to stream and listen to tracks online. While this isn’t the smoothest options for various reasons (for example it depends on you having a decent internet connection and will mean that, sooner or later, you will have to stop what you’re doing in order to restart the track or move onto another one), it is free.


Spotify is an incredibly popular dedicated music streaming service available on a number of different platforms from PCs to mobile phones. If you’re lucky enough to have a so-called ‘old’ Spotify account then you can pretty much use this freely. However, newer free accounts have a limit on the amount of music you can listen to. If you can afford it, a Spotify subscription can be quite a good investment, especially if you’re fond of music and want an opportunity to try out new things before buying them. You can even create playlists, while with Soundrop app you can share these with friends, voting the tracks you collectively like the most to the top of the list (hopefully).

Go and see bands live

You can see a lot of up and coming bands for free at various venues, pubs and clubs being a good place to start looking for such events. However, even if you do have to pay for your ticket those for small events are rarely expensive; it’s definitely worth paying a little for a night out you’re likely to enjoy. Additionally, if you do enjoy said band they may even have some of their music available via some of the above methods.

Vincent Vance, writing here for Vanquis, loves music. However, he loves it even more when it’s free.

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Mazen March 29, 2012 at 12:47 pm

You cannot get an intvie to Spotify premium. Spotify premium costs money and will allow you to play music without internet. Spotify free you can get intvie for, but unfortunately I’m out of intvies.

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