Valentines Day Gift Ideas

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by collegelife on February 9, 2012

If you’re holding off on buying your special someone the perfect Valentines Present, wait no more.  Take some of the money you saved by using this semester,  go to your corner convenience store and buy some Powerball tickets.  On Feb. 11th the Powerball jackpot will be $310 million, the fifth largest in game history.  If you don’t live near a powerball outlet, drive, fly or take a train.

Even if the jackpot is not won on the the 11th, you have a chance to buy more tickets for the drawing on the 15th.  We’re thinking you can buy your sweetheart anything they want with that kind of cash.  Just make sure you get your half before “breakup” time.

Next, chocolate dipped strawberries.  Make them yourself or with your valentine.  We found a really simple recipe from Peggy Lampman’s Dinnerfeed.  It’s about as easy as it gets, and they will be very much appreciated.

You can’t have a Valentines celebration without a little “bubbly”.  To be called Champagne, it has to come from Champagne France.  Those will cost you $50 and up.  Otherwise you need a good tasting sparkling wine.  Check out this CNN video for a quick tutorial on how to pick for your budget.

If you have an early morning class on the 15th, we’re told Sutter Home Fre’, a non-alcoholic “sparkler” is a pretty good choice.

Go have some fun.

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