A “Super” Super Bowl

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by collegelife on February 6, 2012

The Super Bowl has come and gone, but what a great event this year.  The game was riveting, the commercials were funny and entertaining.  The Madonna half time show was one of the best ever.  Even though M.I.A. tried to degrade the professionalism, the other talent, Cee Lo and others made it sensational.

Former Ole Miss sensation, Eli Manning, received his second super bowl MVP.  Both for leading the Giants to victory over the very talented and highly touted Tom Brady and the  N.E. Patariots.  We think it was the first time in super bowl history that a the defense (N.E) “let” the offense (Giants) score from the 10 yard line in order to give N.E.  enough time to stage the “Hail Mary” play.  Rob Gronkowski almost caught it, what a finish.

Madonna proved why she makes the big bucks with a show that appealed to all age groups.  She was “grace under pressure” and nailed every move.

The best super bowl commercials of 2012 featured our canine friends.  Our favorite was the fat St. Bernard getting in shape to chase the VW down the street.   Clint Eastwood’s voice and the Chrysler super bowl commercial at halftime was uplifting and a great message for struggling Americans.  ”It’s time to start the second half America”.

We hope you had a great super bowl experience and got some new recipe’s.  We tasted “hanky panky”, sausage, ground beef and Velveta melted together in the pan, spooned on pumpernickel toast, broiled and served hot. YUM.  How about guacamole dip with fresh jalapenos….HOT.

We can’t wait until March Madness rolls around.


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