A Guide to the Gamer’s Universe – Infographic

by collegelife on February 29, 2012

The game console has progressed considerably over the years, from the early innocence of ‘Mickey Mouse’, ‘Tetris’ and ‘Sonic’ we now have ‘Sims’ and ‘Grand Theft Auto’. Not only have the games we play advanced, but so have the highly caffeinated minds of the rather creative developers. With a light bulb drifting above their heads, the new and improved ‘Gaming Universe’ came to light. With games selected and slotted into ‘planets’ based on their genre, the developers believe this will make it a lot easier to search for games that suit you, and keeping things organised. The categories step from Horror, racing, fighting, cartoon and sports… direct access to all sport and football games, just what we need.

This fantastic Infographic was produced and created on behalf ofHotelClub.com

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