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by collegelife on December 16, 2011

Calling all college students! We know you have an opinion about something that impacts students on your campus, or perhaps you have an interest that applies to all college students. College Book Renter is searching for creative collegiate students that would like to share their experiences and contribute to the College + Life Blog. College + Life is a resource for all types of students. If you are trying to balance a life while going to school, then this is a resource that provides information valuable for you. So, help us improve it, by providing your insights.

Need more motivation? Introducing the CBR Student Blogging Contest! Submit a post on a topic of your choice. If your post is interesting and well written, we will post it on the College + Life blog and you will automatically be entered to win one of 14 great prizes including four $100 book scholarships from CBR! Winners will be chosen based on a combination of comments received to their post and judges evaluation of the quality of the content.

Benefits to becoming a guest blogger
• Having your stories published by a national company
• Build your college resume
• Have a meaningful impact on CBR content
• Develop writing skills to a large audience
• Win one of four CBR book scholarships

So, feel free to submit your blog post to in order to have your content published to thousands of students! Who knows, if you are really good, we might ask you to become a permanent writer for our blog.

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