Who’s Getting Cheated?

by collegelife on September 29, 2011

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Can you imagine a world without honor codes? As exams and research papers fill up the daily planner you picked up on your first day of classes, a world without honor codes might just seem appealing.

But is it really?

The reality is, honor codes are imposed by colleges and universities to maintain the integrity of the education system and the integrity of students.

“Honor codes incorporate concepts that can be applied to just about every aspect of life,” said Adam Wes, CEO of Adam Wes Academics. “Honoring the integrity of the academic system teaches a student to honor the integrity of all of their work and lets them gain the confidence in themselves that makes their need to cheat or find short cuts basically disappear.”

Dr. Drumm McNaughton, Ph.D, CMC, and President of The Change Leader, agrees. “A student that does not abide by an honor code by engaging in cheating is cheating everyone because they are not allowing the teacher to accurately assess the student’s comprehension,” McNaughton said. “They are cheating themselves because they have not learned what was required of them in order to carry on to the next level (inevitably making them struggle) and they have instilled in their mind that short-cuts are ok. They are cheating the university because they are not giving the institution the opportunity to serve its purpose. And they are cheating their future employers because they are unable to effectively perform job duties.”

At the end of the day, students attend colleges and universities to develop skill sets and competencies that will allow them to compete in the workforce. According to The Change Leader’s McNaughton, students that do not abide by honor codes are essentially setting themselves up for failure. “A student graduates from college with a 4.0 and gets his first job. It’s not long before the boss discovers the new employee looked great on paper, but can’t perform the job.”

At the end of the day, the student’s Bachelor of Science degree is really just that…BS. And the student is left unemployed with $50k in student loan debt.

A bleak, but viable scenario.

The moral of the story: honor codes are not imposed to take all the fun out of college. They exist to prepare students for a successful future.

So what’s your stand?

Should students buckle down in college or live it up and buckle down when they hit “the real world”?

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