What would you do with the money you save by renting from CBR vs, Buying?

by collegelife on August 17, 2011



There’s a lot of debate on school campuses whether to rent or buy for this semester.  Here are some examples of comparisons.  In the end, the only debate will be “what you will do with the money you save”.

Example #1

The number one book rented from CBR is Lucas’ Art of Public Speaking, ISBN 0077306295.  You can buy that book new from a reputable source for around $108.00.  If you’re lucky, you can buy it used for $65.00 or you can rent it from CBR for $48 with free shipping.  That’s at least a$47.00 savings.  What can you do with $47.00?  Fill up your car or host a barbecue for ten of your friends?

Example #2

The number 2 book on CBR’s most popular list is Campbell Biology with MasteringBiology® (9th Edition).  Buy it New for $192.67  (bookstore price), used for $150 or rent it form CBR for $81.  What would you do with $112?  That’s almost a year and a half Netflix membership,  10 Large Pepperoni Lovers Pizzas from Pizza Hut or Tassimo T-20 brewer.

Example #3

Anyone taking psychology this semester, there’s a good chance you’re using the Myers Psychology, ISBN 1429215976.  This book has a new price of $121.42 or it can be rented from CBR for only $42.44.  What would you do with the $78.44 savings?

You can see pretty quickly why College Book Renter is the fastest growing textbook company in the USA and why the rental market is growing at triple digit rates.  You don’t have to own the book.  Rent the book.  Own the knowledge.


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