You Can Rent Almost Anything

by collegelife on July 5, 2011

The rental business is one of the fastest growing industries – and for good reason.  Zilok, an online rental site, claims you can rent anything. You can rent a violin in Lakeway, TX for $20 a day or $28 a month. If you are in Seattle, WA, you can rent a Toyota pick-up for $80 for the weekend.

Top three reasons to rent:

1. You have champaign taste with a beer budget.

Say you’re going on a weekend trip and want to take some nice photos and experiment with some new equipment.  According to SpotCoolStuff, renting makes sense if you can’t afford the quality of photography gear you want or you’d like to try out a piece of equipment before buying it.

Even if photography isn’t your cup of tea, you can try out other high tech devices like iPhones or a Mac Book Air for $10 for a three day rental period at Rentavo.

2. You’re fickle.

How many times have you decided to take up a new hobby or adventure, only to find out it just wasn’t right for you?

Say you’ve decided to take up hiking and camping.  You go to REI and spend hundreds on tents, boots, stoves, back packs and other supplies. After a few hours in the woods you discover you would rather be golfing, shopping or watching the “Law and Order” marathon instead of trying to boil water on a stove the size of a bar of soap.

Save yourself the heartache and heart-stopping credit card bill. Before you spend $350 for a Big Agnes Emerald Mountain SL2, try one out at Mountainside Gear Rental for $29 for the weekend.

3. You absolutely cannot be seen in the same outfit more than once.

You can spend $363 on a TIBI Mod Bollywood dress you’re going to wear just a couple of times, or you can rent it for $50 and be the talk of the party.  ”What, this old thing?” can become your new mantra.

Throw in some Kate Spade “Bernie” Sunglasses for only $14 a week, then send them back and wait for the next best thing to come along.

Renting has not only changed the fashion and recreation industries; lucky for people like you and me, it’s changed the textbook industry as well.

For example, the Lucas “Art of Public Speaking”, ISBN 0073385158 can be purchased new in a campus book store for over $90.00.  You can rent the exact same book from online rental sites like College Book Renter for $36.75 per semester.  The new McConnell “Economics 19e”, ISBN 0073511447 costs $170 in the bookstore new, $145 used (if you can get one used), or you can rent it from CBR for only $65.

Do the math.

The moral of the story for the practical college student: rent before you buy. Save a lot of money so you can spend more on new hobbies like photography or outdoor activities. Heck, if you rent the equipment, you’ll even have some money left over to put in your savings account…or gas tank!

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