The Joys of Summer School

by collegebookrenter on May 19, 2011

Summer school can be hectic and stressful but you can get much needed hours quickly.  Some students need remedial instruction and others are looking for advancement.  Either way, you have to be ready for some furious action.

If you’re using summer school for advancement and finishing school quicker, you could save money over your college career on many levels.  You’ll start your new working career sooner and save on tuition, because rates climb every year by 5 – 10%.  If you need remediation, you get to take a class over to raise your GPA, and that can get expensive but it might be worth the effort if you land your dream job.

Your textbooks are cheaper in the summer if you rent them since the term is much shorter than a quarter or semester.  If you buy them, you’ll pay the same and still face the risks when you  try to sell them back .  You’ll appreciate the savings if you have other bills to pay.

The down side to taking classes this summer is “all work and no play”.  You pay for the work instead of working for a paycheck….but the big paychecks will be sooner instead of later.

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