Anyone Needing Financial Aid for College?

by collegebookrenter on May 23, 2011

With college tuition going up by 5 to 10% per year, it’s become increasingly difficult to find loans, grants and other forms of financial aid.  Check this site out for some great info -  89 Financial Aid for College Tips by

Financial Aid can also come in the form of scholarships.  There are hundreds of thousand of dollars of unused scholarships laying around that go unused every year.  Start digging now. Most have been awarded but will go unused by the start of the fall semester.

My favorite financial aid is the “work/study” program.  My wife runs a museum on Murray State University’s campus.  She has student workers through out the year to come in to help her with lots of duties.  They always have time to study while they wait for programs to end and lock up.  It’s not a bad deal, actually getting paid to study and the university wants to help them.

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