How to Find Free Food

by collegebookrenter on April 7, 2011

Everyone loves free food, especially college students.  And guess what?  Free food is looking for you.

  • For hungry, cash-strapped college students, few things are better than free food. At least that’s the reasoning behind Food-bot, an award-winning website that identifies events offering free food on college campuses. Companies and event organizers are willing to feed you to get you to notice their products. Visit the Food-bot website to find free food near you!
  • Local churches love to have college students of all ages involved with their youth programs and most provide youth group suppers and congregational dinners every week.  Churches understand that you are their future, and they want you to share their hospitality through complimentary meals throughout the semester.
  • Get networked into your campus by attending events and activities.  You’ll expand your college experience, meet friends and sometimes find snacks.
  • Watch for gallery openings and new art exhibits on or near your campus. These events are almost always stocked with wine, cheese, and other treats. In addition to complimentary cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, you’ll have the opportunity to check out some great art!
  • Sign up for Birthday Clubs at local restaurants. Many fast food and sit-down restaurants offer free or discounted meals to birthday club members during the month of their birthday. Sign-up today and start planning your birthday celebrations!
  • Offer to babysit or tutor your neighbors’ children. Most of these jobs are sure to include a nice, warm meal.
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