How To Cram for Finals

by collegebookrenter on April 27, 2011

Animation of an MRI brain scan, starting at th...Image via WikipediaWhether you are a prolific studier or a “wait and cram at the last minute”, you will need a plan to prepare for
According to you need 4 basic steps:

  1. Feed Your Brain – Some foods are better for brain power than others,  e-how recommends bananas, walnuts, spinach and other foods.  Snacks will provide sustained energy.
  2. Focus on the Big Picture – Pull out your notes and textbooks.  Focus on the main topics and themes of the semester.
  3. Don’t Waste Time – Strengthen on what you know and don’t focus on what you know you won’t be able to learn before the final.
  4. Sleep – Everyone recommends 8 hours per night but we know studying or cramming may mean all-nighters.  You still need to sleep in  4 hour intervals at a minimum. If you have testing all day you better have enough rest and energy to get to the finish line.
There are lots of related websites, articles and blogs devoted to the topic but most of the content is pretty much the same.  Check out links below.
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