Pinch Pennies to Stretch Your Budget

by collegebookrenter on March 31, 2011

Because college is expensive enough, students have to save money wherever they can. Here are a few tips to stretch your dollars.

1.  Prepare a budget and live with it.  Write every expense down in your journal.  You’ll be surprised to see where your money is going.
2.  Use coupons any way you can get them.  You can pick them up at the stores or get them online at sites like,,, and many more.
3.  Use mail-in rebates as often as possible.
4.  Join Rewards Programs.
5.  Learn to cook if you don’t already know how.  Start with quick and easy meals and develop your style.
6.  Shop clearance sales.
7.  Sell old clothes and other unused items at consignment shops.
8.  Use deal-finder Web sites like, and
9. Think of different ways to acquire college necessities like renting books instead of buying them.  Check out sites like and others.
10.  Shop garage sales and thrift shops.
Pinch a few pennies here and there, then reward yourself with a trip to the spa or a night out with friends and family.


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